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Web Designing


Our Specialities

Experienced & Professional Trainers
Certification Questions & Answers
Cloud Server Access
Assingments &
Case Studies
Configuration Materials Soft-Copy
Recorded Session Videos

Course Structure

Interface And Layout Setting

Introducing The Tool Box

Using The Marquee Tools


Layer Masking

Color Modes

Color Adjustment

Working With Type

Exploring Type Effects

Understanding Filters

Preparing To Publish

Different Types Of File Format

Using Save For Web And Devices

Create Image Slices

Create Template


Image Editing & Compression

Blending Option

Creating Button & Text

Publish the Image for Web


Introduction to HTML
Html Syntax
Primary Tags
Using Table

Working with Frameset and Frames
Image Importing and Links
Adding Background Sound
Publish Your Page In Browser

CSS Rule Class, Tag and Id
Change Property
Apply and Remove CSS Styles
 Internal and External Style sheet
Insert Div Tag Using CSS Rule
Template Design Using CSS

Interface and Layout Setting
Motion Tween
Shape Tween
Motion Path Animation
Graphic, Button And Movie Clip
Adding Sound File
Basic Action Script
Publish Your Movie to Web

Interface and Page Properties
Code, Split and Design
Hyperlink, Email, Link, Tables, Named Anchor, Div Commands Etc.
Imports Images, Flash Movie, And Videos.
Forms Text Field, Text Area, Check Box, Radio Group, List/Menu, File Field and Button.
Basic Java Script
Template Design Using Tables
Publish Your Page In Browser


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